The Diva had her riding lesson tonight. She fell off her horse. I wasn’t there when it happened, but apparently her horse got too close to the wall (in an indoor ring – it is Maine in December after all) and The Diva in her attempt to steer him away, lost her balance and fell. She didn’t hurt anything (well, she did bend a fingernail back and it bled slightly), she didn’t cry (although I’m told her eyes did well up a tad), and she got right back on the horse. I am proud of her.

When her instructor saw me come back in, she came right over to tell me what happened. I thought the worst at first – her horse can be temperamental. He thinks he’s smarter than his rider and he knows when he can take advantage of his rider. He’s almost bucked a couple of times when she’s been on him, so I immediately thought that’s what happened until her instructor said “No – she just lost her balance and fell.”

It finally stopped snowing this morning. School was delayed two hours. That’s probably a good thing – if this early season storm is any indication of the winter ahead of us, we’ll be using more than the allotted 5 snow days so saving them when we can is good planning!

Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground. ~Author Unknown


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