Juice Hoppin’ Bastards

I can’t take credit for that title – it’s from my friend, L-Weed.

George Mitchell’s report is out – all 409 pages of it.

“I urge the (Major League Baseball) Commissioner to forego imposing baseball’s rules on performance enhancing substances, except in those cases where he determines that necessary to maintain the integrity of the game,” the report said.

“There need to be consequences as a result of wrongdoing,” Conte said about the Mitchell report. “This report favors those who control the money in the world of baseball.” (Victor Conte, BALCO owner/Adam Tanner, Reuters)

There’s not much more I can say about this. I am very disappointed that it appears no sanctions will be imposed. At the very least, perhaps some of them have hurt their chances of getting into the hall of fame. Although I do not particularly care for Roger Clemens (loved him while he was in Boston…then he wanted to go home to Texas…via Toronto…via New York. Lame.), I do believe he has earned himself a spot in the hall of fame. Until I saw his name on that list. How can a player be inducted with the knowledge that his performance was enhanced?

Oh…and…one would think that Eric Gagne could have pitched a little better in Boston this year if he had really been juiced. Go figure.

Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer. ~Ted Williams


One response to “Juice Hoppin’ Bastards

  1. Ah…therein lies the rub with Eric Gagne.

    If you look at everyone’s stats in that list when they were supposed to be on steroids, compared to this years’ performances…every single one of them sucked.

    I believe it’s also outlined in that report that Theo KNEW Gagne was juicing when he first questioned about him…the scouting report came back to him telling him that without ‘roids he was no good.

    Theo took him anyway, knowing (a) he formerly took ‘roids and (b) that the scouts said he sucked without them.

    Lesson learned, Theo.

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