Ramdom thoughts Sunday

The Diva got her first ribbon for a show yesterday. It was a combination school/show and there were no placements, just participation ribbons. But still, she had to make it through the jump course cleanly to get a ribbon, and she did it! It has become an ornament on the tree – front and

I stopped in at Walmart yesterday. I’m looking for a cheap tea kettle. The place was mobbed. I strolled through, nonchalantly, smug in my knowledge that not only am I done with shopping, I am done with wrapping. Yay, me! (Anyone who wants to can call me a bitch now).

We are in the middle of another snow storm.

The Year Without a Santa Clause is on again. Go Heat Misers!

I am on my second Bloody Mary. Yum.

My son says I am the best mom in the world because I made some of his favorite foods today. French toast, bruschetta, and corn chowder. Not all at once.

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase


One response to “Ramdom thoughts Sunday

  1. It’s amazing what kids claim you as “best” for.

    My four year old son called me the best dad the other day because I helped arrange his 50 plastic frogs in army formation on the coffee table.

    Not sure how many plastic bugs we’re expecting to see in there…but when they come, I think we’re covered.

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