Quiet time

The Postman’s dad is in the hospital. He has COPD, and a normal cold that you or I can easily fight off can wreak havoc with his breathing. He’s on some heavy duty IV antibiotics and should be home Sunday or Monday.

I went to visit him today, and we had a very nice time together. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sat and talked just with him for any significant amount of time. I stayed for about an hour and we talked about different jobs he’s had, some memories of the Postman when he was small, he pointed out different things we could see from his hospital room window. He told me about his doctor, and why he’s considering changing primary care physicians. Small talk, really…but at the same time it was nice. There were no awkward silences or weird pauses, and unfortunate as it was that it had to take place in a hospital room, I am glad I had the opportunity to have that time with him.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa


One response to “Quiet time

  1. It’s nice that you two got to spend that time together. Sometimes I think father-in-laws get left out in family dynamics.

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