Saving on electricity

At dinner tonight, the Postman noticed the Diva’s bedroom light was on. We are trying to instill a “turn off all things unnecessary” rule in our house but it is definitely an uphill battle for us. The Diva will head to her bathroom from the living room…and turn on the kitchen light as she passes through…then the hallway light…then her bedroom light…and finally the actual bathroom light. Yes, she will turn on all those lights just to pass through those areas.

So when he noticed the light on, he asked her to get up and go turn it off. I asked if her brother’s light was also on (since she was already up), and at that my son’s friend, Mas, says “No, I turned it off when we left his room. At our house, we turn off all the lights when we leave a room.”

Me: “How on earth did your mom and step-dad accomplish that?”

Mas: “Hmmm…well, they beat us.”

Postman: “Sweet. We can do that.”

I expect our electric bill will be SIGNIFICANTLY lower next month.

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light? ~Maurice Freehill


3 responses to “Saving on electricity

  1. The Recovering Straight Girl

    I try to only beat the children on Wednesday. Perhaps I will amend this practice to save money.

  2. Wow. LOL. Yes, I would think that your electric bill will be much less next month.


  3. RSG – I think to get the full potential, you need to up your schedule. 🙂

    Morgan – Thanks and I’ll let you know if it goes down! 🙂

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