Bad mood

Dear Jackass,

The handicapped spaces at the post office are for HANDICAPPED drivers, or people who are driving handicapped persons.  Their cars are registered with plates or hangtags making it clear who needs those spaces.  Parking in one and staying in the car while your wife walks in to the post office is NOT OK.

If a driver needs that space while you are sitting there in your airconditioned glory listening to NPR, what are they to do?  They can’t exactly get out and ask you to move, now can they?  I know you saw me stop, look at your plate and then look through your windshield to see if I spotted a hangtag – which you know I did not.   Next time I will walk up to the window and knock and tell you it might be nice of you to leave those spots for people who need them, because you know what?  It’s just not right.  And you know it.  I know you realize this because you hung your head when you saw me looking at your car.


The person you pissed off today.


Dear Captain and Diva,

I am really glad I’m going to be seeing you today, but I am dreading it also.  I have to tell you something and I know it is going to make you very, very sad.  I will try to hold it together when I tell you – I have cried every day since last Thursday and now I will let you be in your grief while I try to comfort you. 

I love you both very much,



Dear Postman,

I know you have been very sad yourself, but you turn away or choke it down before I see too much.  No sense both of us being hysterical, right?

Nonetheless, you are a gigantic puss for bailing on me.  Staying home while I pick up the kids is a chickenshit move and you know it.  I’m not telling them in the car.  Going 65 down the highway is not going to be condusive to comforting them in the backseat, now is it?  So I will tell them when we get home before we come in the house and you will probably have to deal with us anyway.

So there, jackass.

I love you more (even though you are not as tough as you’d like everyone to believe),


Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry.  ~Lyman Abbott


One response to “Bad mood

  1. ((hugs)) And good thoughts your way, hon. It’s not easy telling kids bad news.

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