Time Flies

I’m back from my wee hiatus.

I am back mostly because…wait for it….

It’s BLOGGY CARNIVAL GIVEAWAY WEEK!  I will be posting my my giveaway later.  I figured I should actually, you know, write a post about what’s been happening ’round these parts.  It’s going to be a bullet post, just to keep it short and simple.

  • We battled infections here at Casa Loca for about 3 weeks
  • Both my father and P-Man’s father were hospitalized, and have now both returned home
  • My parents started looking for houses closer to me after my father’s hospitalization
  • The Captain had a palette spreader put in place.  It sucks and I feel like the worst mother in the world every time I have to turn it.  Only 11 turns to go.
  • I, along with several other parents, thought about storming a school board meeting then decided that would not be the most effective way to get what we want.
  • I, along with several other parents, have been ignored by the school superintendent.
  • The Red Sox blew it
  • Oh…and along the way, we got this:

I will write about some of those topics more in depth at a later time.

Check back for my giveaway later!

When a puppy takes fifty catnaps in the course of the day, he cannot always be expected to sleep the night through.  ~ Albert Payson Terhune


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