Happy news first

So quite a bit happened during my blogging hiatus.  I’ll start back in to things with a happy ending story.

This is Hazel Mae:

She is the newest addition to our family.  We named her Hazel Mae because of our other hound dog named Ellie Mae.  We thought it would be cute to have two hound dogs with the same middle name.  I will write about Ellie Mae sometime soon, but not today.

Hazel Mae came to us looking like this:

She is part Red Bone and part Beagle – although we are having a hard time seeing the beagle in her – save for one black spot on her tail!

She was born as part of a litter to a family who don’t have the means to keep a littler of puppies.  They wanted to give the puppies to good homes and thought they had done so with little Hazel.  Four hours after the new owners picked her up, they called to tell the original owners that she had “gotten away from them” and they could not find her.  The original owners searched for her in the woods for four days before they finally located her – still alive! They had no intention of giving her back to the family they had entrusted her to, but they knew they couldn’t keep her. 

Enter the Postman’s sister-in-law.  I’m not entirely clear how she ended up as a foster parent for the puppy, but that’s exactly what happened.  She called me right away to ask if we were interested in another dog and I immediately responded NO.  I did tell her I would help her with the puppy while she was at their house.  Since I work from home, it was easy for me to go feed her, let her out, and play with her during the day.

Then the Postman saw her.  And fell in love.

Long story short, she’s part of the family now and has claimed her spot on the bed.  Which has turned out to be more important than I ever imagined it would, especially for P-Man. 

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Caras


One response to “Happy news first

  1. She? Is precious!! I love her. I can’t believe those morons lost her. Really?!

    And yes, dogs aren’t are whole lives, but they DO make our lives whole. I wonder when or if I’ll be able to love another dog.

    Enjoy her!!

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