3 responses to “Is your house on fire, Clark?

  1. Is it the National Lampoon movie? The Vacation one?


    Ok. If not. I feel stupid.

    I was thinking today “OH crap, I should’ve put up Christmas decorations today, when it was 60….next week we’re back in the 30’s!”

    ….so I’ll be sending the hubs out to do it.


  2. Christmas Vacation! LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie and watch it at least three times during the Holiday season.

    Okay. Back to finish reading the post 🙂

  3. Living in upsate NY, I totally get the whole decorating when it’s a balmy day outside in November 🙂

    And no, of course you didn’t do that. Just like I’ve never thrown a hat over my bed head and trudged to Wal-Hell at 7am for milk. 😉

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