So, all wise internets…

Tell me what you all use for facial care products.

I have always had fairly good skin.  While I have had pimples, I never really had acne, per se.  I tend to have oily skin – particularly in the T-zone so I use oil free cleansers and moisturizers.  Lately, my skin has been horible looking.

I know.  It’s my age catching up with me, but there must be something I can do.  I have red patches on my forhead and next to my nose.  I have patches of pimples on my jaw line – although they are not too visible, I can “feel” them when I run my fingers over my skin.  They also itch a little.  My skin is flaky dry on my cheeks and an oily mess on my nose and chin.  Help!

Give me your thoughts, ideas and product names.  It’s a matter of extreme urgency (and vanity!).

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.  ~Lauren Bacall


3 responses to “SOS

  1. I use L’Oreal Skin Genesis. It doesn’t burn, it doesn’t make your skin feel weird like some things and it helps your skin cells regenerate. I’ve tried Clinique, but it seems to burn a bit, and it’s pricey (isn’t it all?) but it’s good stuff, and the people that work at those Clinique counters are oh-so-nice. I did Mary Kay for a while, and honestly? Meh. I liked Clinique better. But, I’ve finally settled on this L’Oreal stuff and love it.

    Although all skin types are different. 🙂 (If nothing else- go to the Clinique counter and get a free makeover before you decide, lol. It’s nice to be pampered.) 🙂

  2. PS- I totally didn’t mean to sound like you need a makeover or anything. I just love going there and acting like I want something to get the free makeup/skin makeover thing. 🙂 I’m cheap. lol.

  3. I use the Garnier line. It’s non-oily, non-comodegenic and smells great. Not super cheap, but not as $$ as Clinique or some others out there.


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