The one where I admit my feelings get hurt too easily

My BFF has dumped me, I think.

We don’t have a typical relationship to begin with:  we met when we were fourteen and became fast friends.  I always enjoyed the company of males more than females, as they seemed less complicated in many ways.  Now that I am older, I appreciate the camaraderie of my female friends more than I ever imagined I would.  However, I still find my friendships with males to be less complicated.

Anyway…my BFF.  We spent a lot of time together through our high school years…and then drifted far apart.  Like twenty years apart.  We got back in touch several years ago and I fell easily back into our friendship.  It was all the same, all familiar.  We tried our hand at romance a couple of times through the years, but we were never on the same page at the same time.   So we settled back into a friendship that, because of distance, we maintained mostly by e-mail.

Now even that is drifting.  Although we may have gone for a length of time without corresponding, it never felt like our friendship was flailing.  I wrote a few weeks ago and got a very curt response with a promise for a follow-up note.  It never came.

Now I know some of you will say I should cut him some slack as the holidays are hectic.  I would agree except this feels different somehow.  More permanent.   So my feelings are hurt.

I guess sometimes we just need to know when to let go.  I’m not very good at that.

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  ~John Leonard


3 responses to “The one where I admit my feelings get hurt too easily

  1. I’m not very good with that either. I have friends from high school that when I’m in FL don’t want to see me or just don’t have time, and it still hurts.

  2. I’m horrible too. And even if it sometimes takes me a long while to email someone back, I’m always hurt when they blow me off. I’m sorry.

  3. Sorry to hear that. I came to you blog because of the Bloggy carnival, but your writing style reminds me of mine. Like having a conversation with a good friend… But for all the internet to read. 🙂

    I’m like you, I’ve always had more friendships with males because they are a lot less complicated. And certainly less drama. I do not like drama in my life. I like order. 🙂 But now that I am older I kind of wish I would have nurtured those female friendships.

    Good luck with your friend!

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